Download and Install Audacity

You can download Audacity for free for Mac or Windows computers here:

  • Specifically, the downloads are currently found on this cloud server (September 2020):

  • Download the version appropriate for your computer. Use the ones listed at the top.

Audacity tutorial videos

Update April 2020: There is now an instructional set of videos here: particularly designed for Literacy app and Scripture app recordings using Audacity.

Audacity tutorials for CanIL class use: Youtube playlist Link or play below

Video Topics include:

  • Convert Stereo to Mono

  • Delete unwanted data

  • Normalize volume or amplitude

  • Remove noise

  • Add labels

  • Handling Multiword Glosses

  • Saving Audacity Projects

  • Exporting Multiple files bases on your labels

  • What to do with full-length session recordings and Audacity project files

Audacity cheat sheet

Cheat sheet showing buttons commonly used in Field Methods class: Link

Using Labels in Audacity for file splitting

  • Note that the following characters are not allowed in file names on Windows so do not use them in your label name

    • < (less than)

    • > (greater than)

    • : (colon - sometimes works, but is actually NTFS Alternate Data Streams)

    • " (double quote)

    • / (forward slash)

    • \ (backslash)

    • | (vertical bar or pipe)

    • ? (question mark)

    • * (asterisk)