Bibliography Tools

Highly recommended: Zotero

Use Zotero! Even if you only do ONE bibliography at the end of a linguistics paper, it will save you time! Think how much time it will save you in your degree and future career! Graduate students build up a list of your favorite references for future research etc.

Zotero is a bibliographic management application. It used to work inside of the Firefox web browser but now runs as its own application. - Download, install and refer to the excellent documentation found on the website.

  1. How to use Zotero in the CanIL context, installing the linguistic stylesheets, adding CanIL class groups

  2. How to add references to your Zotero database

  3. Create a bibliography in Word, LibreOffice or Google Docs from Zotero

  4. Refer to these tutorials: and videos (link) for more support.


EndNote is another bibliography tool that has been around since the 1980s and has a free online very capable version of the tool. You can find out more about EndNote here:

Microsoft Office Bibliography management

There is a bibliography manager built into Microsoft Word. The system is less flexible than Zotero and you are limited to using it with Office applications only. There is some documentation here:

Import references from article or book bibliographies

Check the bibliographies of existing articles to see if there are references that are useful to your own bibliographic library. You can copy and paste these from a PDF into ANYSTYLE.IO and it will try to parse them into BibTex records that can be imported into Zotero.

Also refer to this link for more information on parsing existing bibliographies found in books and articles: