FieldWorks Discourse charting

Miscellaneous tutorials and guides

  • Setting up Discourse Chart Templates - Video (7 minutes): Link

  • Switching baseline representations/writing systems in FLEx interlinear text (for Text Charting) : Link

    • At CanIL, we had a student who had a FLEx project with text that had a Devanagari baseline. He and a classmate wanted to use these texts in a discourse analysis class. The classmate could not read Devanagari, nor could the instructor. Although the student with the source texts had already added a roman representation for all the words and these could be displayed in the Analyze or Glossing tabs, the roman representation would not show up in the Text Charting tool. Only the baseline representation can shown up in the Text Charting tool. The text had already been interlinearized and Lex.Entries in Devanagari representation existed.